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Awesome app

My 3 year old laughs out loud playing with the You Things. And the bonus is she’s learning a great lesson how to not just accept, but celebrate all the unique things that make people different from her. This app is on the (very) short list of apps I let my kid play with.

Wish this worked

The purpose I bought this was for students to be able to create an image of themselves using technology. However, all I can do is name myself and application closes. Don't waste you money and get cheated as I did.

Current version doesn't work

My 4yo twins loved this app, until we downloaded an update one day and stopped working. Now, we can assign a name to a "New Me," but cannot clothe or give it a face. Was a 5-star app until it broke. Boo.

Love The Tolerance

The message is great. Love the diversity. So sad TJourne considered it an homosexual indoctrination. As one half of a two dad household, glad that my daughter can see her family in books…..too.

Fantastic app

I love that you can include more than one child on app. It is fun and personalized for them

Nice app

Cute app! Love the message it drives home - differences & accepting them. A few reasons I didnt give 5 stars - wished the beginning was more interactive (my kids have a very short attn span and i wouldve lost them already with the beginning of the story), as you progress through story, no home button to return to main menu, lastly, Peter the worm doesnt excuse himself after burping :( Were working on manners & this was a huge disappointment for me... otherwise, great graphics & a nice message.

Great app

Cute graphics, nice animation and the message is great. Love it!

Teach kindness!

I was snuggling with my daughter as she read her latest interactive book apps. This book stood out , it's adorable. Kudos to ‪the developers for a great app that teaches tolerance & embracing the things that make everyone unique. Love the ability to create a character with my daughters name, image & description of what makes her unique & make it part of the story!

Great app!

This is the only app we let our daughter use (right now) and she loves it. She likes to think of her special you-things and finds others in kids she meets. Thanks wee society!

Love it!

This book is well put together. The voice over, the interactions, the music. Really nice design.

One Great Thing = One Less Thing

I think that I've started the "everyone's different, and everyone's special" talk a dozen times with my 3 and 1/2 yr old daughter. But this app has gotten the point across in a more fun and compelling way than I ever could have. In fact, everything that Wee Society puts out is so tasteful and engaging... I'm praying for a Stranger Danger app next. One less thing for me to worry about.

Great app for all!

Well designed app that all 3 of my kids love! Also introduces way to discuss how each of us are uniquely different, and what makes us special. They love making their own you-thing! Well done.

Wee Love Wee You-Things!

Love this app! The characters are beautifully illustrated and fun. Clever design!

Wee you-things rocks!

Love the app! Fantastic for all children and adults to appreciate the differences in all of us. Really well done and very cute characters!

So fun!

Couldn't be happier with the You Things app! My five year old loves exploring the sounds and movements. I mean, what kid wouldn't like a burping worm? But his favorite was Porter who lives in the water - blub, blub. : ) Love that each character was unique and we could use the subject to talk about our own You-Things. Thanks Wee Society for another 'must have app'!

could make a difference in how the world views differences

I wish this app had been around when I was a kid. My generation taunted and mocked anything that wasn't exactly like everyone else. Ears too big? Not pretty enough? Not athletic? Let's make your life miserable. This app should be a required purchase for all parents. Let's raise a generation of kids that honors differences and finds something good in all people. I know that's a lot to ask of an app, but this could certainly help. Add to that it's a great design and my kids can't get enough of both Wee Society apps.

Wee You-Things

!WowHowFun! Love this! The animations are very engaging - my grandchildren enjoy interacting with all the fun surprises. Hope Wee continues this amazing series!

More fun from Wee Society!

What a fun and adorable way to help children appreciate everyone's unique awesomeness- their own and everyone else's. The story teaches a great lesson and is really engaging. The design is amazing and my kids love seeing what each character does. My kids are 8 and 11 so this is definitely grade for kids of all ages! Another outstanding app from Wee Society!


What a fun and beautiful way to bring the importance of respecting others to our kids. Fabulous!

Yay, a new Wee Society app!

My kiddos love Wee Alphas, so we were excited to find a new app from these guys. The app is beautifully designed, and the animations and sound effects are so fun. Don't think I've seen another app addressing the topic of "differences" -- glad these guys are taking it on.

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